About Us

Thank you for supporting The Local!  We are a trendy women's clothing boutique offering many styles and comforts for all women.  We love staying active with markets, and make it our goal to get one of a kind pieces to your front door!  You can take comfort in knowing we will not budge on quality. It is so important to us to make every customer feel confident in their purchase.  Customer service and quality are the backbone of our business.

“We want you to know that every purchase you make is personal to us.  When you shop The Local, you join a community.”

The Local is a family run boutique out of Fort Wayne, Indiana.  Owned and operated by Meg and Sam Oliphant, two sister-in-laws and fast friends.  They are supported by their other halves, loving families, and very excited friends.

The idea for The Local came slowly. In 2017, we came across a great investment – a piece of land that both of our families had been dreaming of.  This land would be the site of both of our families forever homes. From here the conversations of the future began. We both had a longing to be home with our children while still being able to have a career.  We talked for months, and the idea was right in front of us. We both enjoy fashion and are creative, driven people. By starting an online clothing boutique we could live out a passion of ours, while also providing affordable, quality driven styles and create a place for all women to feel empowered and confident.

We are so excited to start this adventure with all of you!  We know that your style is an expression of your personality and we take that personally.  Let us know how we can help you find those perfect pieces for all the moments of your life, big or small.