Top Trends for Fall

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Fashion is constantly changing. Staying up with trends can be difficult when things are constantly going in and out of style. You buy something that is all the rage, and suddenly it's out and the next big thing is already here and you're no longer trendy.  With fall now here, I have got you covered with all the trends that everyone will be wearing this fall to keep you caught up.


First we will start with my favorite, corduroy!  Corduroy jackets are very trendy right now, you can get them in a variety of fall colors and style them however you want.  You can style it with a cute shirt underneath and even a hat to accessorize. Definitely a must have for this fall.


Flannels pair perfectly with any outfit!  A good flannel has always been a classic staple in a fall wardrobe and becomes super trendy every year.  You can buy one flannel and recycle it every year and look great.  They also come in so many different colors and styles, you can pair our red and green one with a cute cropped hoodie. 


Sets have been a really big trend recently!  Especially this sweater type material.  Sets can come in a variety of styles and types of clothing.  This green sweater type material is super trendy, it's practical for the chilly weather but super girly and cute.  Pair it with a jean jacket for extra layering and you have got yourself an easy, trendy outfit.


Vests are soooo cute for fall!  These sherpa lined vests are super versatile and you can even reverse them and wear it with the sherpa showing.  You can add a vest to any outfit to spice it up a little bit.

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