My Favorite Ways to Style a Jumpsuit

Finally, it is springtime and it is time to put away the heavy, winter clothes and break out our spring attire! Jumpsuits are a perfect piece that can be dressed up or down for any occasion. A jumpsuit is an essential piece in every woman’s closet that can hit your body in all the right places.  Date nights, work, girls night out, weddings, graduation, brunch, and any shopping day are ideal for jumpsuits! A jumpsuit is a simple piece of clothing that can just be thrown on for any occasion. Personally, I love wearing a jumpsuit when spending a day outside, since typically they are so comfortable. I love how a jumpsuit can come across as super fancy or can be made to be worn as a comfortable piece. You can really make the piece by how you choose to style it.  

Here are my favorite ways to style a jumpsuit!


A jacket is a timeless piece to pair with a jumpsuit. An oversized jean jacket can help dress the outfit down for a more casual occasion or add a bit of warmth if needed! Pairing a jumpsuit with an oversized jacket would be great for graduation, brunch, or a shopping day with the girls! For a day out with the girls, a cropped jean jacket would be a great option for a more fitted look! When going for an edgy look pairing a leather jacket with your outfit can really make a statement with any door you walk in. A leather jacket on top of your jumpsuit before heading out to the winery for date night can add a sexy touch. And who doesn't love feeling sexy and confident? I know I sure do.


One of my favorite ways to style any outfit is adding jewelry. Jewelry is a such a simple and subtle thing that can be added to an outfit that can really give off a personal touch and as well, add a little extra something to any outfit, including jumpsuits.

My favorite way of all time to accessorize is adding earrings. Earrings are my favorite. End of story. Whether it is a cute pair of diamonds (fake ones of course, I’m not fancy yet), or some medium sized hoops! They can bring so much more attention to your smiling face while looking beautiful in your jumpsuit!

Wearing several bracelets, like bangles, are a super cute addition too! I personally feel adding some bracelets can give the impression of, “Yes, I did try with my outfit today.” So why not add them, right? This is an effortless way to make your jumpsuit more fashionable.

Lastly, necklaces. Another super cute way to add your personal touch to an outfit, while bringing attention to the upper portion of your body, and people can see your beautiful smile. A large statement necklace is a stunning way to complement your jumpsuit and style. My favorite way to add necklaces to a jumpsuit is to layer, layer, layer. Putting on a choker style necklace with a longer necklace can add such dimension and personal style to your outfit. Also, if you’re feeling frisky you can mix your metals, this is something I love to do.


Finally, something I feel everyone can relate to, Shoes. Shoes are a girl’s best friend (obviously, until we get to the diamonds, right ladies?). I love shoes. All kinds of shoes. But for jumpsuits, I have a few favorites up my sleeve.

First off, a heeled bootie. This is something that can really add some length to your legs and make you look a bit taller if needed (like me, I am barely 5’5”). As well as adding length, it can add some edginess to your jumpsuit.

If you are going for a more dressy and fancy look, I think some strappy heels are the perfect addition. The heel can again add length some length to your legs, but also shows off your toes. Which is the perfect reason to also get a pedicure, right? A win win situation if you ask me.

Now if you are a typically a casual dress kind of girl like me, this next shoe option you will love. Just throw on some flat, slip on shoes.  Any slip on will typically do, just not your Nike or Adidas slip on slides, you know? I have a pair of tan slip ons that I wear almost everyday I can. They are so comfortable and typically go with any outfit. And once again, a perfect excuse to treat yourself to a pedicure.


Purses. Some people hate them, some love them. Sometimes I am in the mood to carry a big purse and some days I want nothing more than just my wallet and phone. So it is good to have different options. So my two go-to styles are just a medium sized bag that has different strap options and also a clutch. Medium sized bags are great if you are someone that likes to carry lots of items with you, such as a hair brush, perfume, wallet, chapstick/lipstick (duh, always have to touch up). You get the idea. Some days you need more the others. So for the days you need less, just grab a clutch, perfect for when you are going somewhere nice and just need the necessities. I think both purse options are great when styling a bodysuit, just depends on your preference and the occasion!

Whatever you decide to pair your jumpsuit with we know you will look amazing! The key to being confident is to wear what makes you FEEL good, so do just that! Happy shopping!

Until next time,


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  • Cecilia on

    This is so helpful! I always hesitate wearing them since I thought it was hard to style, but this was so easy to follow. Catch me in a jumpsuit all summer now!

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