How to Style 1 Statement Piece 4 Ways

We’ve all been there.  We see an adorable outfit in the window of our favorite boutique.  We see ourselves getting coffee or on a date in this outfit, and we contemplate buying it for a while.  At this point, we buy it or put it back. And then if we buy it, usually it sits at the back of our closet, waiting for ‘the perfect’ occasion to wear it.  We wait for it, and a good time will never come. Be bold, wear it!! But I know it’s easy to say, and harder to do. That’s where I come in.  I’ll explain three ways to easily wear that statement piece.  You can’t wait for the perfect moment, you have to just take a moment and make it perfect!

Outfit 1

This statement set can easily be worn together, and can be paired with simple heels for a date night or night out on the town.  Throw on some silver jewelry-- a simple choker and earrings to complete it. Easy peasy.

Outfit 2

Now it’s time to mix things up a bit. That cute top can be paired with a pair of high waisted shorts (bonus--switch out the shorts for white jeans or some high waisted ‘mom’ jeans for a whole new vibe or for those chilly days)  for coffee with the gals or a brunch date. A red bralette and simple choker can elevate this look to the N E X T level. The high waist of the shorts helps cover any bare midriff if that is a worry for you. A cute stud earring can be used to pin the neckline of the shirt closed if its too revealing for the day.  Pair it with rattan earrings and brown slides to complete this outfit. Boom, it’s that easy.

Outfit 3

Don’t forget about that beautiful asymmetrical skirt!  It can be used too! That white tee you love can be dressed up to compliment this skirt.  Take the tee and knot it up, either showing that midriff (ladies, its 2019--embrace yourself and go for it-- #BodyPositivity) or tie it right at the waist of the skirt.  This cinches in the waist, so you won’t be swallowed in fabric. Pair a simple gold necklace with a pair of statement earrings, and there ya go! Isn’t too hard, now is it?  An extra style tip, wear your hair up to show off that neckline without the outfit getting too busy.

Outfit 4

That bodycon dress you bought but haven’t worn??  Shake off the dust from the back of your closet (see my last blog about deciding if some clothes are worth storing for later) and get ready to use it.  This red bodycon dress will act as a skirt and a tank top! Throw on the dress underneath, and the top goes over it! Now it looks like a completely new dress!  Since this outfit has a bold color and silhouette, use a simple silver necklace and understated earrings.

And that’s it!  If anything else fails, just be creative!  Be daring, and wear it. It’s hard sometimes, you think you look good in your mirror in your room or bathroom, but as soon as you step outside you start to overthink it (this happens to me a lot.)  Just remember, you don’t know until you try. It’s 2019, embrace your looks, and what your momma gave you. Be yourself, and people will notice it and you! Confidence is the best accessory, and your smile is the second best.  If you don’t, people will be able to tell, and the outfit won’t shine as bright. So I’m giving you a little homework, take that statement piece and find a way to wear it!

Use the hashtag #ShowTheLocalLove so I can see what you all come up with!  And you’ll be able to see what everyone else is up to as well. Seize the day, ladies.

Until next time,

Cecilia 💋

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